sabato 7 dicembre 2013

Kevin Coyne, Peel Sessions

Torniamo a Kevin Coyne con una raccolta delle sue Peel Sessions, pubblicata nel 1990. Le registrazioni vanno dal 1973 al 1979, con l'unica eccezione di I Couldn't Love You del 1990. A Leopard never changes his Spots!

Marlene (1973)
Cheat me (1973)
Ey Up My Duck (1979)
The Miner's Song (1974)
Evil Island Home (1974)
Araby (1974)
Dance Of The Bourgeoisie (1974)
Do Not Shout At Me Father (1974)
Need Somebody (1974)
Poor Swine (1974)
Rivers of Blood (1978)
Lunatic (1978)
I Only Want To See You Smile (1978)
That's Rock'N'Roll (1978)
A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots (1979)
I Couldn't Love You (1990)

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