lunedì 25 ottobre 2021

This is so strange


An old man's dream

An old man with nowhere to go
Lay down on the side of the road
He slept and dreamed he wasn't there
He dreamed he was a millionaire

It doesn't snow or rain in the land of Cockayne

And after that old man awoke
The first person to whom he spoke
Was a psychoanalyst, a shrink
Who said ' I'll help you, but first think,
And tell me in your sorry plight,
Exactly what you dreamed last night'

The old man replied. He said 'I don't know why you care,
I dreamed I was a millionaire'

The shrink explained what the dream had meant:
'Your dream has symbolic content
The millionaire is a symbol of your father'
'A symbol, you say, of my father?'
the old man said. 'This is so strange'
Then he asked the shrink for some change.

(The Red Crayola with Art & Language,Kangaroo?)


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