mercoledì 20 maggio 2015

The Legendary B Sides

Disc 1

Louis Philippe,  The touch of evil
Anthony Adverse, T-R-O-U-B-L-E
The King of Luxembourg, How to get on in society
Gol Gappas, Albert Parker
Momus,  on't leave
Bid, Love
The Cavaliers, Ian Botham - The I.T. man
Rosemary's Children, Whatever happened to Alice?
Anthony Adverse, Eine symphonie des grauens
The King of Luxembourg, Sketches of Luxembourg
Louis Philippe, Twangy Twangy
Always, The arcade
The Underneath, Fire (variations)
Marden Hill, Let's make Shane & McKenzie
Mayfair Charm School, Little black dresses
Klaxon 5,  reat railway journeys
Gol Gappas, Roman
Cagliostra,  admen & lovers
Louis Philippe, Little pad
The King of Luxembourg, Espadarte

Disc 2

The King of Luxembourg,  ee Remick
The Florentines, Whisper not
The Raj Quartet, Invocation of Thoth
Always, Park row
Would-Be-Goods, The hanging gardens of Reigate
Anthony Adverse, Fountain
Marden Hill, Hangman
Louis Philippe, What if a day?
The King of Luxembourg, The elusive Pimpernel (le chevalier de Londres)
Bad Dream Fancy Dress, Up The King of Luxembourg!
Always, The flying display
Anthony Adverse, Green park
Marden Hill, The exection of emperor Maximillian
Ambassador 277, Valediction
The King of Luxembourg, Personality parade
Would-Be-Goods, Cecil Beaton's scrapbook
Louis Philippe  Smash hit wonder
Bad Dream Fancy Dress, Choirboys gas
Bad Dream Fancy Dress, You wind me up
Anthony Adverse, Good girl

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